How Long It Takes for A Divorce to be Filed

How Long Takes does A Divorce take

How Long Takes does A Divorce takeAs an experienced New Jersey family attorney, one of the first questions that I always receive is “how long is this divorce process going to take? When will I have the final judgment entered? When is the pain going to end?” I always tell my client that it depends, but I can give you an average. In New Jersey, it takes about a year for a divorce to go from filing a complaint to the entry of the divorce, and that’s the goal which the courts have set, one year from start to finish.

Every year, probably some 60 to 70 complaints are filed, and every year some 60 to 70 complaints are resolved, but there is always a backlog. There is usually a backlog of a thousand or so cases, and that’s because some cases are just more complicated than others. Some cases involve issues like child custody or an evaluation of a small business. Those issues are always very emotional; they always require more court appearances, and naturally they take longer. But on average, your divorce will take probably about a year, maybe more, maybe less. It truly depends on your individual circumstances and what you are seeking in a Marital Settlement Agreement. It also depends on how willing the other side is to negotiate with you.

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