Documents Needed to File for Divorce in NJ

If you are considering filing for divorce in New Jersey, it may beneficial for you to speak with an attorney about the legal issues involved. However, I can tell you from personal experience that the very first step once you have made the decision to file for divorce is to gather the documents you need to file a Complaint for Divorce or an Answer to a Complaint for Divorce. Below I have listed all the documents that an attorney would need to prepare your Complaint or Answer to file with the Court. In addition, I have included the filing fees require by the Court for a Complaint or an Answer. The cost increases by $25.00 if children are involved.

This list does not cover other documents that may be needed later on in the discovery process, such as bank accounts and credit card statements, documentation regarding pensions, 401 (k) plans, 529 plans, and other retirement accounts. If you would like to schedule a free consultation to discuss filing for divorce in New Jersey, please call the office at 973-366-5244. We would be more than happy to help schedule an appointment!

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1. Children’s birth dates and social security numbers (if applicable)

2. All insurance information:

A. Health
i. Medical
ii. Prescription
iii. Dental (if any)
iv. Eye care (if any)

B. Life insurance information

C. Auto insurance

D. Home owners insurance
3. Driver’s license

4. Automobile license plate and description of cars

5. Cost to file for divorce is $300.00 without children and $325.00 with children

6. Cost to Answer a Complaint for Divorce is $175 without children and $200 with children.