What to Expect in NJ Municipal Courts

Many people come into my office never expecting to be there. Most of these clients that are new to the legal system face charges in municipal court. These charges can be traffic related, such as reckless driving, DWIs/DUIs, failure to maintain their lane, speeding, leaving the scene of an accident, etc. Additionally, clients may face criminal charges such as harassment and simple assault in municipal court. Sometimes clients may also be summoned to municipal court for violating municipal ordinances. Municipal courts are often the only experience many people will ever have with the legal system.

What Happens Next?

Being charged with one of the above crimes can feel overwhelming. You may be wondering what comes next in the process.

The first court date on your summons is considered your first appearance. It is often a time to inform the court that you do or do not intend to hire an attorney. If you choose to hire an attorney prior to your first appearance, that first appearance can often be waived.

If you choose to retain an attorney from the Law Office of Sara McArdle, we begin investigating your case immediately. We submit our letter of representation to the municipal court and begin requesting discovery (the materials the state has gathered in the case) from both the prosecutor and police department. As soon as we have the documents and videos provided by the State, we have you come into the office to review the material and discuss what legal options you have.

Our attorneys are with you every step of the way. They will obtain any additional discovery and expert reports needed for your case. You will be involved and our attorneys are incredibly accessible to clients.

Contact Us

At the Law Office of Sara McArdle, our attorneys have experience as both former prosecutors and defense attorneys. They are knowledge about the law and will vigilantly defend your interests. If you are interested in scheduling a free initial consultation to discuss your legal options, please call the office at 973-366-5244 or email officeadmin@saramcardlelaw.com.